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Standing Frame Activall Cross

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    33.000 Kgs

Standing Frame Activall Cross

Price: €1,410.00

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This standing frame is suggested for patients who went through first stage of learning to walk process. This device performs very well outdoors therefore patient’s rehabilitation can be continued outdoors. ACTIVALL CROSS is a very stable product, easy to use and functional. The standard equipment includes hand brake and useful shopping basket. When you purchase this device you receive also castors to be assembled in indoor version.

The device can be used in following cases:
  • paraparesis
  • conditions after spinal injury of neck and chest sections
  • demyelinization illness of the core
  • advanced rheumatic illness
  • infantile cerebral palsy
  • meningomyelocele
  • stiffening inflammation of spinal joint (ankylosing spondylitis)
  • polyneuropathy
  • senility


Standard equipment:

  • frame with street wheels equipped with brakes
  • reinforced base
  • pelvis brace with upholstery (adjustable)
  • chest brace with upholstery
  • lower limbs separator
  • anatomically shaped pelvis harness
  • pumped rotating back wheels
  • big street front wheels
  • shopping basket
  • hand brake with blockade



Optional equipment



   Forearm supports                                Castors with fixed direction                         Castors with blockade                             Anatomic 

                                                                      of movements                                           of reverse movements                                Pants  




Size Chart:


Size 4 5
А. Width of pelvis in cm (max) 32 41
B. Depth of pelvis in cm (max) 28 35
C. Width of chest in cm (max) 32 41
D. Depth of chest in cm (max) 28 35
E. Distance to the axis of pelvis joint in cm 83-115 98-146
F. Height to the breastbone (cm) 97-131 107-157
G. Weight of the user (max) 80




Product dimensions:

Size Width in cm Lenght in cm Height in cm Weight in kg
4 66 98 97 20
5 73 102 112 23



Box Dimensions:


Size Width in cm Lenght in cm Height in cm Weight in kg
4 79 104 52 23
5 85 110 60 26,5