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Soft-Touch Rolls Special Tomato

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Soft-Touch Rolls Special Tomato

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Special Tomato Rolls are made from a unique seamless material.

This material is Latex Free and is guaranteed to be peel and tear resistant. It is also impermeable to fluids and will withstand cracking. Soft-Touch Therapy Rolls from Special Tomato are perfect for many types of therapy in the home, at school and in therapy facilities. The Rolls offer perfect treatment and positioning and can withstand the use of several children or adults. The 5-year warranty guarantees you will be satisfied!

Why are the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Rolls Perfect for Your Child?
  • Stand-On-End design allows you to stand the roll up and out of the way when not in use
  • Made from LatexFree materials
  • Impermeable to fluids
  • Peel and Tear Resistant
  • Rolls are soft-to-the-touch and are made with a solid inner core to provide firm, yet comfortable platform for optimal performance.
  • Can be used for unlimited functional purposes such as weight bearing, dynamic gross motor movements, coordination, balance, strength, muscle tone and many more!
  • Cannot be submerged in water





Size Diameter in cm Lenght in cm Weight in kg
1 8 20 0.1
2 10 61 0.6
3 15 61 1.4
4 20 61 2.2
5 20 91 3.3
6 25 91 4.4
7 30 91 5.8
8 30 122 8
9 35 122 10
10 41 122 12