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Home Orthosis Knee Braces Open brace for lower limb with splints AM-OSK-OL/1R

Open brace for lower limb with splints AM-OSK-OL/1R

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Open brace for lower limb with splints AM-OSK-OL/1R

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Product description

AM-OSK-OL/1R is the open brace, made of perforated neoprene foam, which is coated with lining fabric. This internal perforation allows skin to breath and reduces overheating. It has four independent sets of Velcro straps. The device is equipped with 1-axial sides splints, made of high quality polyamide with carbon fibres. Replacing of traditional metal splint with our innovative solution allows to decrease the weight of the brace a few times. The splints setting and their elastic construction causes great lower limb stabilization. Furthermore, the length of the splints is bigger and special four sets of Velcro straps provide excellent frontal and sagittal stabilization. The splints are equipped with ROM adjustment in every 15o. This precise adjustment facilitates the rehabilitation process of the injured knee joint. The brace is opened construction what is the great solution for seniors with limited mobility.




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  • Perfect draining off of moisture from the orthosis - thanks to use of internal perforation which permits on breathing skin freely. 
  • Partial carrying away of heat from the patient's skin - thanks to use of internal perforation which permits on moving away the excess of heat. 
  • Opportunity of use the orthosis by elderly persons and persons who are overweight - thanks to open construction of orthosis at the front side 
  • Comfort of use - thanks to its open construction you can easily put on and take off the orthosis. 
  • Low weight of article - the traditional metal splints were replaced by carbon firbe splints, thanks to this it was possible to reduce the weight of apparatus several times. 
  • Joint stabilization increased – due to elongation of orthopaedic splints and instalation four groups of velcro tapes 



Purpose of use:

  • dislocation of genual joint, 
  • twist and sprain of genual joint, 
  • side instability of genual joint, 
  • damages of knee ligaments LCL, MCL and ACL, 
  • reconstruction of the knee ligaments, 
  • other operations (orthopedic).



Setting up:

1R splints - single axis orthopedic splints used in all knee joint and upper limb braces, where apart from adjustment of the flection and extension angle, high lateral stabilization of the joint is not required, but important if low weight of the brace. Due to the low weight the splints are successfully used in all braced for children. They are manufactured with high quality plastic with carbon fibre, making the splints light and indifferent to the influence of sweat and salt, properly firm therefore assuring correct functioning of the device. Adjustment of the flection and extension angle is performed with special Allen screw, by every 15 degrees – each brace is equipped with a key necessary for adjustment. Standard length of the braces is: 250, 280, 380, 470 and 530 mm. The splint and its design are patented in European Union by our company.