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Lower limb support AM-TUD-KD

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Lower limb support AM-TUD-KD

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Product description

Children’s knee immobilizer is the great light alternative to heavy traditional cast. It’s made of light materials and is equipped with two splints, so it immobilizes knee in 0°.



  • Perfect stabilization – thanks to assembling of two complexes of orthopedic splints
  • Comfort of use – the sleeves are made of special soft knit fabric therefore while using article there are no attrition of skin.
  • Easiness – simple way of installation and removal the article by patient.
  • Keeping hygiene – easy disassembling of article makes no problems with washing and preservation



Purpose of use

  • dislocation of genual joint,
  • twist and sprain of genual joint,
  • side instability of genual joint,
  • damages of knee ligaments LCL, MCL and ACL,
  • reconstruction of the knee ligaments,
  • other operations (orthopedic).



Available sizes



Orthopedic slats

Orthopedic slats – a set of four (two rear and two lateral) anatomically shaped orthopedic slats. Slats are made of high quality duralumin, are characterized by high mechanical endurance (over 400MPa). Therefore they are perfectly suitable for immobilization of lower limbs after the arthroscopy of the knee joint. Braces with front knee cap are used in upright standing and rehabilitation of patients with paresis.