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Buggy for children with special needs GEMI NEW

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    15.000 Kgs

Buggy for children with special needs GEMI NEW

Price: €966.00

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The GEMI stroller has a hardy construction and its optional extras make it an extremely versatile piece of special needs equipment.
Accessories include a table for dining or play, an adjustable headrest, and a neoprene vest and a legs cover for both a sense of stability and cold days when an extra bit of body heat can be retained. However, the beauty of this GEMI stroller is in its ability to modify various elements very easily. The back, the seat, the head rest and the harness can all be altered or modified in some way to provide maximum comfort and control in a given situation. 
The GEMI buggy comes in three sizes, with – for example – an 11cm differential in width between the smallest and the largest sizes. So if you’re really satisfied with the GEMI’s construction, its maneuverability and various other features, you may settle for a bigger model when your little one gets a bit bigger.
If you want to talk through some of the modifications and possibilities of this product, please contact us in whichever way is the most convenient.




                     Cover                                 Tray                                 Grab rail                               Head support                            Leg cover               Front wheels blockade                        



                     Basket                      Lateral supports                    Abduction belts                          Vest







Size 1 2 3
Overall Width    63 cm   66 cm   74 cm
Seat Width   32 cm   40 cm   45  cm
Armrest Height   20 cm   20 cm   20 cm
Seat Height   50 cm   50 cm   50  cm
Overall Lenght   77  cm  98 cm   98 cm
Seat Depth 28 - 34 cm 36 cm  42 cm
Footrest Height 25,28,31,34 cm 34,37,40,43 cm 39,45 cm
Back Height 51 - 64 cm 63 - 75 cm   70 - 78 cm
Weight 13,5 kg 21 kg 25 kg
Max Weight user 35 kg 50 kg 60 kg