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Paramobil 3 in 1

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Paramobil 3 in 1

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Designers did their best in order to create a device which would include both static and dynamic function.

Thanks to their efforts, you may stand a chance of having this kind of device, namely Paramobil. As regards static function, it enables passive upright standing at the beginning of the process of rehabilitation. It is equipped with a vast array of adjustment thanks to which it perfectly stabilizes the patient. With regard to dynamic function, it is helpful in regaining or acquiring skills. What is more, the patient can exercise in this device with the aid of mechanic-electric rotor and, moreover, he can perform lower limb exercises either single-handedly or with assistance.


It is recommended for children, young people and adults in the following cases:

  • Infantile cerebral palsy – different forms.
  • Meningomyelocele.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and others).
  • Muscle diseases connected with paresis and paralysis.
  • Genetic disorders connected with paresis.
  • Other diseases connected with paresis, paralysis and injuries regarding locomotor system.
  • After traumatic brain injury, spine with spinal cord and lower limbs injury.


Standard Equipment

  • Frame with castors and brakes
  • Footplate with foot stabilization
  • Lower limbs separator
  • Mechanic-electric rotor
  • Wide seat or narrow seat
  • Knee support
  • Pelvic brace with support
  • Chest brace with support
  • Forearm supports
  • Tray




Optional equipment:
Колан за повдигане на пациента                     
User tilting belt                           Head supporting belt                     Pelvic belt                Castors with fixed direction 
                                                                                                                                                    of movement
Castors with blockade                  Castors with brakes                 Low forearm support                    Heoght forearm support                                                                                            
of reverse movement                                                                              
           Head support with belt                                Pelvic belt                                                 Pelvic pillows                                                                                                                                      
Individually adjustable                            Rotor                                          Low forearm                          Height forearm
 knee supports                                                                                           supports (size 0)                      supports (size 1,2,3    
Size 0 1 2 3
А. Width of pelvis (maximum) [cm] 24    32  37  44 
B. Depth of pelvis [cm]   15 - 30  20 - 31  23 - 35 
B1. Pelvis circumference [cm] 57 - 64        
С. Maximum width of chest [cm] 23 32 37 44
D. Depth of chest [cm]   21 - 33 25 - 36 28 - 38
D1. Chest circumference [cm] 57 - 64      
Е. Height to the axis of pelvic joint [cm] 62 - 91    79 - 113     88 - 123     93 - 128   
F. Height to the level of breast bone [cm] 78-115 104-140 112-156 122-170
G. Weight of the user (maximum) [kg] 40 60 90 120
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