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Static Standing Frame SMART new

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    12.000 Kgs
<p>Static Standing Frame SMART new</p>
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This device is user-friendly, lightweight, reliable and durable. It is helpful in adopting passive upright position. Either family or hospital personnel can easily use this standing frame. Moreover, the system of precautions makes the patient feel safe and comfortable concerning upper limbs. The system of ergonomic braces (chest as well as pelvic) perfectly adjusts to the patient’s body and influences his stable upright position. It is equipped with rotating castors which enable the patients to relocate. The construction of this device is well planned because of which it eliminates barriers and stimulates patients to overcome difficulties with regard to injury or diseases.
  • Thanks to knee supports, it is possible to use this standing frame for a long time
  • Quite big tray for work and play. There is possibility to equip the tray with soft cover. It gives a sense of safety and comfort also
  • UPRIGHT PRO™ System that ensure the proper posture in the device thanks to pelvic and chest belts. Special shape and way of fixing of the pelvic belt helps to adopt the correct, upright position
It is recommended for children, young people and adults in the following cases:
  • Infantile cerebral palsy – different forms.
  • Meningomyelocele.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and others).
  • Muscle diseases connected with paresis and paralysis.
  • Genetic disorders connected with paresis.
  • Conditions after brain, spinal, lower limbs as well as spinal cord injuries.
Standard equipment:
  • Frame with castors and brakes
  • Footplate with foot stabilization
  • Knee support
  • Pelvic belt
  • Chest belt
  • Tray






  Size 1 2 3 4

Pelvic support width in cm

22 28 37 44

Pelvic support length in cm

18-65 28-86 30-107 33-129

Chest support width in cm

20 26 35 42

Chest support length in cm

58-76 70-96 86-121 106-145
  Chest support perimeter in cm 50-64 64-76 80-105 95-125
G Knee supports spacing in cm 8-10.5 11-14 14-20 16.5-25
Н Knee support height in cm 11-55 13-72 14-88 14-98
  Footrest lenght in cm 17 20 24 30
  Max User Weight in kg 35 55 70 95