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Special seat STABILO Base

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Special seat STABILO Base

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The STABILO BASE cushion provides good stabilization of the seating position in standard wheelchairs or ordinary armchairs.

The cushion can be instantly re-shaped on demand to relieve sensitive areas or modelled so that it supports the user's body as required.

  • Possibility to model the wedge
  • Relief for sensitive parts of the body
  • Option to create a gutter to abduct the legs
  • Option to raise one of the hips
Produced sizes: S, S+, M, M+, L





Sizes А В
S 25 cm 38 cm
S+ 35 cm 35 cm
M 40 cm 40 cm
M+ 45 cm 45 cm
L 50 cm 50 cm





1. Take out the tube which is in the pump handle. Start to shape the cushion.


2. Screw the tube into the cushion's valve and wait until the cushion is sufficiently soft.


3. Fit the pump to the tube and suck out the air until the desired hardness has been reached.


4. To change the shape – screw the tube to the valve and wait until the cushion softness.