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Home Paediatric products Orthopedic Shoes with Splints Orthopedic shoes with split BOXERS (pink)

Orthopedic shoes with split BOXERS (pink)

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Orthopedic shoes with split BOXERS (pink)

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Very comfortable and fashionable shoes, perfectly suited for spring playtimes outside, and autumn walks. They provide comfortable use and allow proper development of the feet. Ideal for orthopedic alterations.

  • Size: from 20 to 42
  • Material: Nubuck leather, grain leather.
  • Aditional insulation is available.
  • Coour: brown/pink



How to choose the size:

  • Standing on a sheet of paper you draw each contour of the circumference of the foot. To draw the foot properly you should hold a pencil at a right angle to the foot.


  • Measure the distance between the outermost points in the figure (A and B). You shouldn’t add more millimeters than we give in the next table.



Size Distance A to B
22 15 cm
23 15.5 cm
24 16.3 cm
25 16.9 cm
26 17.5 cm
27 18.2 cm
28 19 cm
29 19.6 cm
30 20.2 cm
31 21 cm
32 21.7 cm
33 22.2 cm