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Standing frame CAT size 2 INVENTO

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Standing frame CAT size 2

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When it comes to Cat 2, the correct configuration makes it possible to stand in it either in prone or supine position. Surely, the suitable standing position will be advantageous for children on the grounds that it will be highly beneficial to their development. We can change the alignment of this device as well as the tilt angle with the help of gas spring. Furthermore, we can easily change the position of a child from lying to standing position. Regarding system of side supports and belts, it protects children and, moreover, it gives them possibility for eating meals, having fun and learning in standing position. As far as this product is concerned, it is created from ecologic and safe materials and it is hand painted.


It is recommended in the following cases:

  • Infantile cerebral palsy – different forms.
  • Meningomyelocele.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Muscle diseases – different forms.
  • Genetic disorders connected with paresis.
  • Conditions after brain, spinal, lower limbs as well as spinal cord injuries.



Special features:

  • Stable structure: The device ensures adequate stability and safety of Patient.
  • Eco-friendly materialsEco-friendly materials Do produkcji używamy wyłącznie przyjaznych człowiekowi i środowisku materiałów.
  • Efficient verticalizationEfficient verticalization: The use in the product of an innovative four-bar linkage, supported with the gas spring, provides efficient upright standing for the patient.
  • Quiet operationQuiet operation: Using of gas spring or electric actuator in the product ensures quiet operation.
  • Spacer upholsterySpacer upholstery: The device is equipped with breathable, hypoallergenic 3D spacer fabric. Now you can be sure that the skin stays dry for longer!
  • Easy to use: Thanks to the innovative four-bar linkage used in product it is very user friendly. For upright standing you need only to release the lock of the gas spring.
    Pneumatic supportPneumatic support: Gas spring helps in proper tilt angle adjustment of the device.
    Prone and supine standingSupine & prone upright standing: The product provides supine and prone upright standing.
    3D foot buckles3D foot buckles: Footrests with 3D adjustment allow for smooth foot setting in all directions.


Standard equipment:

  • Frame with castors and brakes
  • Footplate with foot stabilization
  • Gas spring
  • Knee support
  • Chest and pelvic pads with safety belts
  • Pelvic and chest supports
  • Adjustable tray
  • Adjustable headrest for supine position
  • Safety lock for changing the frame angle



Knee support with tilting function             Foot-operated adjustment                         Ergonomic and adjustable

assures easy placement of the             of the tilt angle makes the control                  head rest perfectly stabilizes

child in the device                                of the child’s position in the device                patient's head

                                                            significantly easier for the care person                                                         




Optional Equipment


3D Foot supports                                Headrest belt                                   Headrest cover                         Tray cover                         Tray with hole                      Tray for manual therapy




                                  Size 2 Supine standing                             Size 2 Prone standing



Size chart:



    Supine Prone Supine Prone

Pelvic supports width in cm

14 - 27 18 - 31

Pelvic supports depth in cm

15 15

Pelvic supports height adjustment in cm

30-59 34-59 27-78 40-78

Chest supports width in cm

14 - 27 18 - 31
В1 Chest supports depth in cm 15 15
С1 Chest supports height adjustment in cm 46-75 50-75 50-97 65-97
D Headrest height in cm 72-106 - 80-135 -
G Knee supports width in cm 14-23 14-23 14-23 14-23
Н Knee supports height in cm 15-31 15-54 15-54 15-54
  Tilt Angle (degr) 0 - 90 0 - 90
  Max User Weight in kg 35 45



Product dimensions:


Size Width in cm Lenght in cm Height in cm Weight in kg


81 85 21
2 60 81 90 21