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Home Accessories Elastico cusion seat for Racer +

Elastico cusion seat for Racer +

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Elastico cusion seat for Racer +

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Long-term consequence of not changing pressure on the tissue, formation of pressure sores. By prolonged pressure perfusion abnormalities occur, and thus tissue hypoxia and malnutrition. As a result of this process produces local necrosis or death of tissue or organs. As the separation of necrotic tissue formed slowly healing ulcers (sores), undergoing infection. This condition can affect all layers of the body from the skin to the bone. The resulting pressure ulcers are difficult to curative wounds that bring additional patient suffering and lead to serious complications.
Antidecubital cushion ELASTICO thermo foam in a bag made of breathable material Activ Space was designed with comfort foam having shape memory function. Thermo-elastic foam cushion is characterized in that it can fit as closely to the body that are even encouraged to an anti prophylaxis.
Memory foam is a foam with memory, which means that remembers the shape of a few moments later, when you come down from the truck and no longer exerts pressure on the pillow.
Antidecubital cushion ELASTICO anatomical works in two phases:
1. In the first phase - adapts to the pressure that the patient’s body exerts on it, and it is the first,
the initial adjustment, that the level of ordinary pillow is the first and last.
2.  In the second stage - which is not immediate, but staggered, in addition cushion softens under the influence of heat transferred through the body of the patient. This impact is not the same across the contact surface of the body with a pillow, so the foam softens the most in the hottest places, these „red spots”, where the emphasis of the body on the pillow is too strong. This additional reaction pillows thermoelastic material makes these places excessive pressure is dissipated.